MLL Week 2 Highlights: Denver Outlaws at Ohio Machine

By majorleaguelax |  5/5/13 4:00 AM

The Ohio Machine took on the Denver Outlaws for its home opener on May 4 and suffered an upsetting loss. Among the starters were returning Machine players Chazz Woodson, Steele Stanwick, Greg Bice, Kyle Hartzell and Stefan Schroder. The Machine also welcomed new players Jeff Ledwick and J.J. Miller to the mix.

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05/03 4:00PM EST @ Bayhawks (W)  9 - 12 Recap
05/09 7:00PM EST @ Launch (L)  15 - 12 Recap
05/16 7:00PM EST vs Hounds (W)  14 - 10 Recap
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